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Area Guide Tundbridge Wells

Area Guide Tundbridge Wells

Living In Tunbridge Wells

This quintessentially English town lies on the border of West Sussex and Kent in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It’s a really good place to live in terms of parks and open spaces with its own museum and arts centre, high street shopping, entertainment and lots of things to do. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the south of England, having attracted over 15 million visitors each year.

If you have friends or family in Tunbridge Wells, the chances are, they are incredibly happy, Tunbridge Wells Life ( After all, there’s a lot to love about Tunbridge Wells it’s an idyllic town located in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The town itself is surrounded by beautiful countryside and serene walks in numerous country parks. There’s much to see and discover for residents at any age. The main employment sectors for Tunbridge Wells are manufacturing, IT and retail.

In the town there are two shopping malls (The Pantiles Shopping Centre and the Royal Victoria Place), a selection of high street shops, two railway stations and the industrial estate at Penshurst. Behind it stands some famous places such as Knole House, Gravesend Village, Bearsted, Hawkhurst and Brenchley. If you're looking for a town that balances the best of both worlds, look no further than Tunbridge Wells. Nestled in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty surrounded by the stunning South Downs National Park, Tunbridge Wells offers a host of historic properties in a great location with easy access to London and other major UK cities.

The best way to understand the true beauty of an area is to walk its streets and parks. You can soak in the historic sites and live with the local vibe. And the best way to do this is by living in your chosen area. If you are moving here, Tunbridge Wells has many features which make it a great place to live. As a major property agent in Tunbridge Wells, we work with people from all walks of life.

Houses For Sale In Tunbridge Wells

There are many listings for sale in the Tunbridge Wells area (described as the "Regency town" which is certainly a plausible description), but perhaps it is time to focus on one of the more expensive houses in the area. Our readership currently appears to be mostly young professionals, and it's possible you are looking for a cheaper home: there are houses available for £99,950 in Tunbridge Wells. Tunbridge Wells Borough is located in the English county of Kent and is home to an estimated 54,800 residents in 20,100 households.

Known as Britain’s Heritage City, the Borough has 37 listed buildings and many other registered historical sites. Tunbridge Wells is also a major commercial center with over 1,600 properties for sale, including properties for first-time buyers. There are three main areas of Tunbridge Wells: High Street, Old Town and Castle Road area which is located to the West of the town centre. Some of the most expensive properties in the area are found in the Calverley Park area with many Georgian houses selling for more than £1 million.

Those looking to buy a house in Tunbridge Wells will find the market is divided into two areas – west and east of the town centre. Both offer attractive properties, but if you really want to give your wallet a work out, then head for the area just north of Calverley Park. A selection of the best agents in and near Tunbridge Wells. These are houses for sale in Tunbridge Wells and other property from surrounding areas including 11 properties for sale in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Author: Citylets (March 22, 2013) Article: Three-bedroom, half-Tudor house in Calverley Park, Kent Road close to the bridleways which sweep through this leafy Tunbridge Wells suburb.  £845,000. In this post, we are going to look at the pros and cons of the areas within the town such as the Old Town, Breach Wood and why social housing is needed in rural areas. This makes for a great day trip or weekend break without breaking your budget.

Houses For Rent In Tunbridge Wells

One of our favourite places in Tunbridge Wells is the Menier Chocolate Factory, a fantastic restaurant which is also included in the Michelin Guide. If you're looking for houses to rent in Tunbridge Wells then you probably have your own idea of a home you desire, but there are plenty of different types available. Some people look for houses for rent with gardens for families with children to grow vegetables and allow pets, while others want holiday homes for short breaks or students looking for rooms close to their college.

With a range of properties at your disposal you can be as discerning as you wish when you hire professionals to find houses for rent in Tunbridge Wells. Houses for rent in Tunbridge Wells in Garlands, Burpitts, Park Farm Terrace and many other areas. These properties are spread across the ranges of sizes available, starting with studio properties at up to 0 per month on average, rising through one bedroom flats costing up to 0 per month as well as family homes for rent Tunbridge Wells with three bedrooms that cost up to 0 per month on average.

The average price of renting a two bedroom house within Tunbridge Wells is ��925 per month, slightly above the national average of ��775. Houses in the area tend to be close to good local schools, but are probably not as close as flats. Properties for rent in Tunbridge Wells should probably have at least two bedrooms and be listed by one of the larger agencies if you want to find a bargain. There are a number of factors that determine the average cost of renting a property in Tunbridge Wells.

One such factor is the type of property, with larger family homes averaging 1,780 per month for three bedrooms. Commercial properties and homes for rent in Tunbridge Wells with fewer bedrooms tend to be cheaper per month. Whether you are looking for a property to rent with a family or an apartment for you and your partner, there are many good options available in Tunbridge Wells. The average monthly rent is lower than the national average at £851 per month.

Tunbridge Wells Transport Links

If youre moving from London and need to travel into town for work, its worth noting that Tunbridge Wells has a good range of transport links. These include the M25 to south of London, the M23 for Brighton and Pembury railway station which leads into London via Redhill. You can find a list of buses here. Then there are the various Tunbridge Wells train stations. From these, youll be able to get to London Charing Cross (25 mins) and also Hastings, Tonbridge, Ashford, etc.

In today's transport hub with its substantial, 20-minute drive to central London and just minutes from the M25 and mainline stations, this has led to an influx of new residents and homes. Since infrastructure developments have expanded local transport links in recent years, Tunbridge Wells is more appealing than ever for commuters. What are Tunbridge Wells transport links like? Throughout history Tunbridge Wells has been a desirable area to live. This rural town is known for its stately homes, picturesque landscape and friendly inhabitants.

However, many overlook the fact that it also has great transport links, making it easy to travel around when necessary. With the increasing demand from London for homes in Tunbridge Wells, the demand for local information about property prices, property agents, local schools, transport links etc. has also increased. The increase in demand for this information can be seen by the search results on Google. The transport links for Tunbridge Wells have become a major talking point.

This is because many London families are looking to buy in the area. The issue is that Tunbridge Wells has terrible transport links and so many buyers expect them to get better before they move out. We’re looking at the best transport links to Tunbridge Wells to help you decide if it’s the right move for you. I’ll be sharing information about the property market as well as transport links and other statistics. This also makes it cheaper than many of the surrounding areas.

Schools In Tunbridge Wells

I'm sure that the majority of you, like me and my wife, wouldn't know where to begin when looking for a good school in Tunbridge Wells. I mean, what do we look for? Are Ofsted reports important? Or are the league tables more important? What about teachers'salaries. Surely that's a factor. Home to several independent schools and academies, Tunbridge Wells is one of the top places in the country for education. There are at least five private day schools in Tunbridge Wells, and it boasts two public schools Royal Tunbridge Wells and The Skinners'School.

Shopping In Tunbridge Wells

I’ve lived in London for the past five years and there are still some areas of my city that I’ve never explored. This makes me jealous of Tunbridge Wells residents, who have a wealth of hidden gems tucked away in their towns to enjoy at any time, like clockwork. With great shops, bars and restaurants, it isn’t surprising so many Londoners flock here on a regular basis, whether it’s for an impromptu date night or a family day out.

It might only be 30 minutes away from London but the atmosphere and feel is completely different. It has a lovely homely feel that makes it a perfect little family getaway without ever having to leave the capital. Once a rural retreat with picturesque lanes, vibrant pubs and wonderful architecture, Tunbridge Wells has now blossomed from a small town into one of the most highly regarded shopping destinations in England. From local produce to hand-crafted pieces, unusual gifts and designer clothing, the area’s high street (and surrounding areas) now offer something for everyone.

Our list encompasses both established outlets and new independent businesses, and covers everything from antiques to yoga. Now, being a Londoner I am always skeptical that any place in the South is really better than the city. This is of course completely unjustified but I have come to see Birmingham as the bubble tea capital of the UK (I recently went to Hong Kong and was greeted by so many  bubble tea shops in every street and building) but Tunbridge Wells is another story.

Many people who live in or near the area already know that Tunbridge Wells has one of the highest retail spends per head in the country but did you also know it's also home to one of the best outdoor markets in South East England, with a wide range of independent shops, cafes, food stalls and restaurants?. Shopping in Tunbridge Wells. It isn’t just the Londoners you get down here. These days, people come from across the country to shop in Tunbridge Wells.

Some even come from abroad. And there are plenty of reasons why Tunbridge Wells is worth a special trip. Around 20 miles south of central London, you will find the quaint British town of Tunbridge Wells. The shopping mecca has historically been a popular destination for Londoners, and retains much of that appeal today. An Ofsted report from 2015 gave the schools in Tunbridge Wells a glowing reference. It praised their ‘strong and supportive ethos’ as well as ticking off many other boxes in terms of achievement and standards.

Eating Out In Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells is a town in Kent that calls itself the Royal Town. It has 1100 listed buildings which gives plenty to choose from if you are looking for interesting places to go eat. The town is surrounded by a lush green landscape and every year a lavish festival known as the Tunbridge Wells Flower Show takes place here. Sometimes you can even see celebrities walking the streets of the capital city of horseracing. If you are in Tunbridge Wells with children, or just want to be able to enjoy anything from Thai food to fish & chips, then here are a couple of recommendations for good quality restaurants that should suit just about anyone.

As well as the usual range of high street and local shops, Tunbridge Wells has many great leisure facilities and amenities too. If youre not on an unlimited budget for your shopping trip, you can save some money by visiting our Brunel Shopping Centre car park which holds around 1,200 cars and charges a flat rate of £1 for the day. To find out more about Brunels car parks, please visit brunelcentre. co. uk using the above link.

Tunbridge Wells, located in the gentle rural county of Kent is a food lovers paradise. From restaurants just off the main high street to gastropubs and beyond, this lovely town has a mind-boggling choice of places to eat. If youre planning to visit on your next trip to Kent, or even if you are moving here or just visiting for a few days, Ill run through some of my favourites while explaining why theyre worth your time.

Eating out in Tunbridge Wells used to be extremely limited. These days however, the town has a vibrant dining scene with numerous award-winning restaurants. But it’s not just the quantity that has improved, but also the quality and variety of places to eat in town. Ok, if youre a foodie, or even just like eating good food, then youll love Tunbridge Wells! Even if youre tapping into the simple pleasures of life and preferring fast food to fastidious food, then Tunbridge Wells might be somewhere worth considering.

A few years ago Tunbridge Wells was leading the way for eating out in Kent, the first place to get a balti and barclay s, but is it still? We heard a rumour that they may even be calling it Tutbridge Wells now. Houses for rent in Tunbridge Wells. While the majority of properties available to rent in Tunbridge Wells are flats, averaging £1,039 per month for a two bedroom property close to good schools, larger family homes are also available.

Things To Do In Tunbridge Wells

There's no shortage of things to do whilst on holiday in the beautiful town of Tunbridge Wells. It is the largest town of the Sevenoaks district and is located 4 miles north of Royal Tunbridge Wells in semi-rural surroundings. A place steeped in history, wildlife and vibrant culture you can expect a warm welcome from friendly locals and some great places to eat too. Here at Things2DoInKent we're big fans of Tunbridge Wells so take a look at our businesses website homepage for our full selection of the top things to do whilst on holiday.

If you’re a big fan of your nature and parks then youll love Tunbridge Wells. There are over 30 parks and gardens in Tunbridge Wells for people to get lost in the silent solitude, or to find the perfect picnic spot. The parks offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, helping to get back in touch with yourself. Each park is different from the other, so youll never be bored exploring.

Get out into nature and near Tunbridge Wells today. You could spend an hour walking along the 80-mile long South Downs Way. Or laze about in a deckchair by the paddling pool at the Jerwood Space; read a book at the new library in the Music Halls or climb up to the castle ruins in Castle Road. You could even check out one of our famous independent shops, like Pandora Vintage, or go for a drink from one of our cosy pubs.

So if you want to know what to do in Tunbridge Wells, read on…. We are living on the edge of the Weald, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. From here youre surrounded by woodland walks, open grassland and ancient heathland to enjoy without going far from home. The South Downs Way runs for over 100 miles around the edge of our county so if you like spectacular scenery or youre looking to up your fitness regime, this is the place for you.

Tunbridge Wells is a really beautiful area with lots of things to do. We have the Kent Downs and High Weald AONB which are perfect for walkers and park users. Also, in the town there are so many events! There are festivals throughout the year from pumpkins to food, and if you like outdoor films there’s always a campfire showing at either Town or Capel Court Park. Tunbridge Wells is the kind of destination that you can go to and forget the outside world entirely.

Things To Do With The Kids

The Royal Tunbridge Wells Codebreaking Wall, is a great place for the children to learn code breaking skills and history. They can explore the Victorian Tunbridge Wells, where this wall was built 100 years ago by the Guy family (owners of the Manor). The museum although small is well worth a visit – its filled to the brim with things such as baby mummies and old toys in there original packaging. The building itself is such an old mansion that has been slightly modernised – keeping most of the original rooms to look exactly how they did 100 years ago.

There are plenty of activities on the wall for the children to do ranging from colouring in pictures or solving puzzles, not forgetting trying to decode and crack military codes, secret messages and riddles. In the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent is a small yet intriguing place for the family to spend their day. The National Codes Centre, a puzzle trail of sorts, offers hours of fun; while you venture around and solve riddles.

But is it just there for kicks or is it educational too? Read our review to find out. Vigorous walking in the fresh air is a great family activity but sometimes you want to supplement this with a little more adventure. The Royal Tunbridge Wells codebreaking wall is a perfect place for kids to stretch their minds and get their whole body involved in solving puzzles. So you want to go out with the family this weekend but your kids have had enough of the house? Why not take them for a walk into Royal Tunbridge Wells for a day out.

Estate Agents In Tunbridge Wells

My clients are, above all, people. Tunbridge Wells is a great place to live and I love the fact that points East, West, North and South are brought together on this urban stretch of the Kent Downs. The properties I sell are the best personal statements of their owners: different styles, different freedoms and different values. I believe that those who choose an agent working with Martin & Co will be able to make a confident move because we will understand what they want and find them a property that fulfills every need.

Martin & Co Tunbridge Wells is an estate agent that has been helping people move home in the town since 2008. The company has been established since 1983 and its head office is based in Maidstone, Kent. The branch of the company offers property management and sales, lettings, development, rentals and advice to customers. With over 350 agents in 38 offices, Martin & Co is one of the UK’s leading estate agencies. We have a wide range of homes for sale throughout Tunbridge Wells that are updated constantly on our website.

This means if you’re looking for Tunbridge Wells property, we will almost always have the details you want. There are many estate agents in Tunbridge Wells. However, Martin & Co, has been operating in the area for close to a decade, building trusted working relationships with local clients and sellers. Here are some great activities that we did over a few days there. Are you looking for fun things to do in Tunbridge wells with the kids? Maybe youre living or staying in Tunbridge Wells, and have school age children?.