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The Royal Tunbridge Wells Guide

The Royal Tunbridge Wells Guide

Moving To Tunbridge Wells

In the past, Tunbridge Wells was best known as the home of the Tunbridge Wells Assembly which attracted crowds of up to 1,000 people daily to its concerts. The concerts featured some of the most famous musicians including Beethoven and Paganini. But it wasn’t always like this. The town started life as a small Saxon settlement and developed into a large market town in Norman times under the posthumous patronage of King William’s illegitimate son, William.

Later, under Henry VIII’s reign, it became a town with special privileges granted by Royal Charter through his Viceroy Thomas Cromwell whose family had expanded it with two beautiful houses which remain today, Tunbridge Wells Life ( Not surprisingly, for this is a place where some of the most beautiful stately homes in England can be found, in addition to the numerous other attractions that exist within easy reach. This peaceful county town offers a wealth of shopping facilities, eating places and leisure centres.

Tunbridge Wells has attractive parks and gardens, and there are abundant opportunities for recreation, both inside and outside the town. It also boasts a unique shopping centre that combines a traditional high street with some of the county’s best designer retailers. A well-connected town located in dazzling countryside, Tunbridge Wells has a unique and vibrant mix of historic buildings, fashionable pedestrianised streets lined with specialist shops, independent boutiques and cafes offering a lively scene to meet the needs of everyone from family and friends to London commuters.

In fact, the BBC’s new super spy drama 'Spooks'(MI-5) was filmed at Mauds Court in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Purpose of moving to Tunbridge Wells. Few people visit Kent on vacation, but those that do usually find something to their liking. The county offers much that contrasts with London and other southern cities, from the lofty Weald to the historic port city of Hastings. Moving to Tunbridge Wells is all about proximity and positioning. The town's landscape is spectacular, especially during the spring when the colourful horse chestnut trees blossom.

House Prices In Tunbridge Wells

Rumours and statistics aside, it can be hard to get a clear picture of how much your new home in Tunbridge Wells will actually cost you. The size of the property, the location, the number of bedrooms, and the availability of parking – these are just some of the factors that will impact on how much your new home in Tunbridge Wells is likely to cost. But don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

In this blog post we take a look at buying a house in this delightful market town in Kent. Tunbridge Wells is small, but it’s a proper. This means it has everything you need for full enjoyment of life. Sure, it may not be the biggest place to live in terms of absolute numbers of residents, but think of how much space each one has. Imagine how many more houses they could fit in! No one would be crammed up against another, because everyone would have their own home where they can stretch out and live in peace.

Are you in the market for some real estate in Tunbridge Wells? Distressed with the hassle of estate agents and property viewings? Wondering how much you would have to pay to get a decent place, or even a mansion in a quiet neighborhood? Don’t panic! The latest residential statistics can help you determine whether these neighborhoods are the right ones for you. Tunbridge Wells has become one of Southeast England's most popular towns. It is a prime spot for home buyers thanks to its attractive surroundings, excellent transport links and strong property market.

Travel In Tunbridge Wells

With its beautiful historic buildings, delightful independent shops and charming cafes, the town attracts day visitors from London who enjoy its famous pubs, restaurants and high street shopping. There are plenty of interesting places to visit and things to do when you’re here. You can find your perfect stay in one of the many hotels within a short walk of the train station. If you’re interested in Tunbridge wells hotels, there is an abundance of accommodation available around the area.

The lavish grounds of Mayfield Park are situated less than half an hour from the centre of Tunbridge Wells. There’s also a golf course here where you can unwind after a busy day. Tunbridge Wells is the place I grew up in, and it is where I get to do my best work. Tunbridge Wells has all you could need a short journey away from London and the rest of the world. It has great transport links with 40 minutes train journey to London Victoria, or an hour to Charing Cross, Waterloo East or London Bridge.


If you don't have an idea of what city to move in at the moment, then I recommend you look at the city of Tunbridge Wells. It hits all the major points that you need from a city. There are a lot of things to do, beautiful places to visit, restaurants and pubs where you can hangout with friends and family as well as public transport which makes getting around easier. Tunbridge Wells is a place where wealthy locals mingle with the more well-to-do Londoners.

The Georgian architecture is evident, as are many high-end brand outlets. There are a number of shops where locals can be found purchasing high-end goods and services, from the new Jaguar showroom to the exclusive hairdresser, which draws clients from across Kent. Tunbridge Wells has plenty to offer in terms of things to do, with traditional British cultural attractions alongside more international cuisine and events. If you've ever read the Tunbridge Wells Times (the local paper), you'll discover a huge variety of attractions.

Local eateries and bars are patronised by the sophisticated Tunbridge Wells populace. It is widely agreed by those who live here that the people of Tunbridge Wells are incredibly welcoming, which is covered in their reputation for 'Southern Hospitality'. Residents have said however that they would like to see more diversity in the area with a wider range of restaurants and new people moving into the town. Commute.  Being part of the London commuter belt and experiencing its lovely weather, Tunbridge Wells is well served by trains and buses.

Food Shopping In Tunbridge Wells

Food shopping in Tunbridge Wells has in the past been described as meandering. A walk up Mount Ephraim is normally worth sacrificing a little time for, however. This short detour takes you from one side of the town to another in about 10 minutes, and offers wonderfully picturesque views across this part of Kent. With the best independent shops, farmers markets and London's leading food market, Tunbridge Wells caters for everyone. For those who seek out a more organic, specialist or local service, you will be rewarded with the very best fresh produce in Kent.

Food shopping in the Royal Borough of Tunbridge Wells is much like elsewhere in the United Kingdom. There are numerous supermarkets and farmers markets. Small shops and pubs (and cafes) sell at least one type of food: sweets, snacks, bread, etc. Food shopping in Tunbridge Wells has improved greatly in recent years. The area has attracted two retail parks – one at Mount Pleasant and another at Paddock Wood, which brought new supermarket chains to the town.

Let’s start our journey towards the best restaurants in Tunbridge Wells at the town centre. Foodies will love the gastropubs there, including the Hartfield, The Bay Horse, and Rohan’s, which won Norfolk. There are plenty of traditional and online supermarkets in the area. For those that love the local touch, there's a farmers market in Tunbridge Wells now running every other Wednesday, at the Town Hall. The train station is less than a 10-minute walk from the centre.

Health And Sport

Some of Tunbridge Wells'most well-known sports clubs include Kalypso, a women's football club, who won promotion in 2016 to the Women's Super League, the Second Division of the National League System. The town hosts an annual half marathon run by the Tunbridge Wells Harriers athletic club which attracts thousands of runners. There are a number of County Lawn tennis courts where Tunbridge Wells Tennis Club play their home matches. Younger children are well catered for with the sand play area at Theries, playgrounds in all of the parks and the bowls green at Sovereigns Sports Ground.

  The Tunbridge Wells Forum for Youth Music provides opportunities for young people to learn music, along with helping them gain job skills. There are also other activities available at the Salvation Army Citadel, including a youth club, church service and dance group. Sport has always been an integral part of Tunbridge Wells life. Tennis, archery and golf have all been played here since the 19th century. But these days, with the addition of indoor volleyball, five-a-side football pitches, an ice rink and a fitness centre, you can get your fix of most sports right here in Tunbridge Wells.

Home for Sport and Recreation Active residents are well provided for with the council-run Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre as well as chain gyms Fit4Less, Nuffield Health, and PureGym. There are also a number of dedicated centres and studios for yoga and Pilates. Did you know Tunbridge Wells has been a centre for health for over 200 years? In 1794, the world's first pure water cure opened its doors in the town and as the years have gone by, it has been home to so many pioneering doctors.


Theatres include the Assembly Hall Theatre, now a year round venue which hosts national and International companies and artists as well as being the venue for The Tunbridge Wells pantomime each December. The Trinity Theatre remains a stronghold of amateur theatre productions in the area, hosting three shows a year including their famous Murder Mystery Dinner Train when you can dine in vintage carriages before enjoying a show in the main auditorium. There is a refreshing lack of snobbery in the town.

I have been to many conferences close by which are more or less elitist, but Tunbridge Wells seems to respect business and working class entrepreneurs and innovators. There is a healthy media here, too, with a couple of successful small town newspapers plus a rather good local radio station (the BBCs man in South East England,Mark Forrest). There are a multitude of arts and entertainment opportunities in Tunbridge Wells, with a history of theatrical performances going back to the late 19th century.

The Assembly Hall Theatre dates back to 1907, and provides opportunities to view musicals, dramas and comedies; the internationally famous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang played here in 2005. It offers a wide range of cultural facilities, including the Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery, the Assembly Hall Theatre and Trinity Theatre. The Public library was established in 1835, is located on Spa Fields and features a programme of local history events. Tunbridge Wells is home to a wealth of arts organisations, which all promote the artistic side of the town.

Schools And Education

Standard state schools have recently undergone a major change from being local authority run to now being run under the control of a central government body. This new organisation is known as and called an 'Education Trust. 'The change has happened across England, hence the term 'Free Schools'which means that extra funding was put aside to enable each one of these schools to be free to do things differently, without the barrier of Local Authority control.

Families with young children will find a wide range of nurseries, pre-schools, primary and secondary schools in the local area. The town’s high street has a long list of independent and chain shops. The large shopping mall at Royal Victoria Place is easily accessible from the centre of town via car or public transportation. This mall has been voted the UK’s best shopping centre, so you will be spoilt for choice. There is a varied list of schools and educational establishments in the area.

For example, Tunbridge Wells has many primary schools as well as secondary schools. It also has a number of religious, private, special and independent schools. The borough has a range of academic institutions, including two universities which have campuses here. There are many different secondary schools available in Tunbridge Wells, such as independent schools and secondary schools which are intended for students between 11 and 18 years old. There are 18 secondary schools in Tunbridge Wells, catering for around 4,600 students aged 11 to 18.


If you are looking for a quiet and safe place to live in the United Kingdom, Tunbridge Wells is the town for you. Located in Kent, this quaint town has one of the lowest crime rates in the UK with 74 crimes per 1,000 people. Where most other towns and cities have a range of crime rates from 113 to 240 crimes per 1,000 people, Tunbridge Wells stands out with 74. This means that if you live in this historic town, loved mostly by retirees and young professionals who commute to London, you will have very little worry about crime.

This peaceful town provides the safe environment and friendly local communities that you desire if you have moved to the area for a new home or business. The average crime rate is 74 crimes per 1000 people which is below the national average, meaning that the chances of becoming a victim are lower than average. Safety. With an average crime rate of 74 crimes per 1000 people, crime in Tunbridge Wells is lower than the national average.

It is largely considered to be a safe, quiet town to live in. Safety. With an average crime rate of 74 crimes per 1000 people, crime in Tunbridge Wells is lower than the national average. It is largely considered to be a safe, quiet town to live in. The Assembly Halls Theatre stages productions in music, theatre and comedy, and also runs workshops for the local community. It also has great connections across the country with 7 direct trains per day to Cornwall and 10 services each weekday to Brighton.

Green Space

We are very proud of our green credentials and set out to make this an important feature of the town whenever we can. We are fortunate in having several large parks within easy walking or cycling distance of the centre, so that we can enjoy outdoor sport and recreation. We also have a growing network of ecological walks which encourage you to observe the wildlife, and a local Nature Centre where you can learn more about what lives close by.

It's always helpful to get to know your host city, and you'll have plenty of green space to play in if you're based in the centre of Tunbridge Wells. The town's Location just places us within close proximity to many beautiful parks, including Dane John and Southborough Commons, Groombridge Place and Groombridge Lodge Park which is the oldest recorded park in Britain. You’ll find the pretty Highview Gardens on the outskirts of the town, with lovely views overlooking the High Weald.

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