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Why Move To Tunbridge Wells

Why Move To Tunbridge Wells

Whats In Tunbridge Wells?

Despite its well-to-do beginnings, tunedge Wells still maintains its affluent status today and gets by with the help of small army of shops. Plus, Tunbridge wells benefits from a top-notch tourist industry too. And with an array of quirky events throughout the year, there really is a lot to see and do in Tunbridge wells. The towns popularity revolutionised the area, with its affluent population building impressive houses and landscaping the surrounding countryside. Today, Royal Tunbridge Wells remains one of the most attractive and sought-after areas in Europe and has an enviable location that makes it a perfect place to live or visit.

Why I think Tunbridge Wells is quite unique (in the UK), is because it has something for everyone – whether you are a tourist, or looking for permanent residence, you’ll have a great time here, Tunbridge Wells Life ( Of course, and whats more, there are many advantages to living in Tunbridge Wells that I'll be sharing as you read on. Theres plenty to see and do in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, including visiting The Pantiles Shopping Village, the Roman Painted House Museum and exploring the woodlands.

During your stay in Tunbridge Wells it is also worth paying a visit to the Royal Tunbridge Wells at Pantiles cocktail bar in the town centre. Today its a town full of fashionable boutiques, excellent restaurants, designer stores and pretty streets. If you want to learn more about whats in Tunbridge Wells then read on and discover for yourself why I love it so much. However, the town enjoys a microclimate (the Weald, or High Weald), which is warmer and sunnier than surrounding areas, owing to its sheltered valley location.

What Are Tunbridge Wells Nearest Towns?

The small town of Tunbridge Wells is part of a large and diverse area in what is known as the Weald. The Weald was once an extensive wilderness where forest and fen dominated the landscape. It is thought to be named from the Old English word 'wilde'meaning uncultivated or uncultivable. To this day, much of the area remains woodland, although human activity has contributed to many patches being reclaimed for farmland, towns, villages and country parks.

What are Tunbridge Wells nearest towns? Tunbridge Wells town is located in the beautiful county of Kent and is within the administrative district of Tunbridge Wells. The town itself is west of Royal Tunbridge Wells and south east of Tonbridge, which makes it one of the most popular places in Kent for people to live. Nearly everyone knows Tunbridge Wells as the home of The Pantiles, which is certainly true. But, it's also true if you want to find out what are the nearest towns to Tunbridge Wells and need to know where the surrounding towns are.

Where is Tunbridge Wells? Tunbridge Wells is a large town in the county of Kent, at the South East tip of England. It is located approximately 30 miles south east of London. It sits just a few miles north of the M25 motorway. Tunbridge Wells is an English town in the county of Kent. It is around 36 miles southeast from London. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this picturesque town for holidays and weekend breaks.

Transport Links From Tunbridge Wells

One of the things you might be looking for is a place to live. If you’re buying a house, you need not worry, as there are plenty available around Tunbridge Wells. And if you’re renting, you would also be at ease as Tunbridge Wells has many options for rentals. There are even special accommodation services available for those who wish to rent a flat near to the Royal Tunbridge Wells Hospital or the Tunbridge Wells Cathedral School, one of the best secondary schools in England.

The station building is at 44 London Road and was designed by Joseph Clark. Construction began in 1846 and was completed in 1848. The entrance is beneath an archway which leads into the booking hall. It is a Grade II listed building. The facade here is lovely but if it’s your first time, take a look at our post on the top 10 great features of Tunbridge Wells. Tunbridge Wells has a small town feel, but that means it’s easy to get into London and you’re not part of the rat race.

It’s safe, friendly and the house prices are really reasonable considering how much house you get for your money. If you’re thinking of moving to the area, give me a call — I can help. Tunbridge Wells is a town in East Sussex, England, about 30 miles south east of London. It is situated at the northern edge of the High Weald, a sandstone plateau which rises from the River Medway to the east and the toes of the Weald to the west.

A commuter who goes from Tunbridge Wells to London is one of the wealthiest in the country. The average house price is just over £330,000. Obviously London house prices are much higher but it’s still a great location. Tunbridge Wells is situated in the Kent countryside, yet only half an hour from London. Incredible shopping, and a wealth of theatres and galleries. It also has the most expensive house prices in Britain. Tunbridge Wells is a town in Kent, England.

Things To Do In Tunbridge Wells

Bucking the height of fashion in London, and indeed the rest of the UK at the time, Tunbridge Wells has never had any vogue or particular style. Throughout its history it has attracted people who simply wanted to escape London's fickleness and enjoy a quiet life in the country. The historic centre of Tunbridge Wells has kept its Georgian buildings, many dating back to the late 18th century. The town’s railway station, opened in 1842 is one of the stateliest of its type, and you can even visit several notable public houses such as Henry Hudson’s Dove.

Tunbridge Wells has a lot to offer for any resident or tourist, on the south of England. There are plenty of places to visit locally if youre looking for things to do in Tunbridge Wells, as well as activities to enjoy. A few great examples include Scotney Castle, which is an English country house and gardens, Calverley Grounds which has a lot of wildlife, waterfalls and a beautiful area suitable for walks and much more.

If you’re looking for things to do in Tunbridge Wells, why not start with the Castle and Gardens?! Visit Scotney Castle and Gardens to get a first-hand experience of landscaping in a real English garden complete with rock, trees and beautiful plants. If you prefer, visit Calverley Grounds or Dunorlan Park which offer the opportunity to explore the flora of the area. Tunbridge Wells is a wonderful Kentish town, with plenty to interest any visitor.

Tunbridge Wells Schools

Tunbridge Wells is a market town, spa town and civil parish in Tonbridge and Malling. It's about an hour from London and has two universities — the University of Kent at Canterbury and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The best schools in Tunbridge Wells can be divided into two categories: Church schools and State schools. The Church primary schools will have shorter catchment areas since they're linked to one or two churches so you'll need to live near them to get your child a place.

Finding the right primary school for your child is tough. It needn’t be though. We have analysed each of the schools in the Tunbridge Wells area using data, statistics and modelled figures to assess which ones will best help your child to achieve academically, whilst also having lots of fun – giving you peace of mind. Then we have measured the surrounding area to further clarify whether your choice is indeed the best. Schools are an important factor for any parent planning to relocate, and home buyers will want to do their own research on the subject.

There is a handful of outstanding primary schools in Tunbridge Wells, with Speldhurst C of E winning the top accolade in 2014 following its conversion into an academy. As such, more resources can be poured into teachers and staff, which gives children the best possible start in life. It might come as a surprise to learn that one of the most important factors for home buyers in Tunbridge Wells is the quality of local schools.

This is far more important than some other factors which are considered important by first time buyers around the country. Families want to know that their children can attend a high-quality local school, and then want to choose a new property based on this information. There are over 300 primary schools in Tunbridge Wells, serving the needs of children aged 4-11. Ofsted, the education regulator, allocates each school a rating from 'outstanding'down to 'inadequate'.

The number of outstanding schools is growing; it’s becoming increasingly difficult for parents to decide where to send their children. Tunbridge Wells is a fascinating place for estate agents since it is divided into two distinct parts. The northern part of the town, which includes Pantiles and High Brooms, is known as North Tunbridge Wells. The southern part that extends to the beautiful Royal Tunbridge Wells is called South Tunbridge Wells. This includes the chintzy terraces of the Pantiles and other historic buildings like Scotney Castle and Gardens, which provides a great day out if you're after some history and inspiration for landscaping your new garden, as do Calverley Grounds and Dunorlan Park.

House Prices In Tunbridge Wells

When shopping for houses in Tunbridge Wells, you'll probably come across this delightful house known as Downtown Fish Bar on Little Mount Sion. It's a unique house with a modern twist that's bound to leave any potential buyer speechless.  This house makes the list of best houses around the region due to both its appearance and price range. One of the first things you'll notice is how humble the house looks from the outside.

The brown color, wooden accents, and plain appearance are quite different from what most people love these days: big, flashy windows and giant stone or glass facades. Nonetheless, there is something about the design that really sticks out. It gives off a homey vibe to it, despite being in the middle of. It is located 19 miles southwest of London, and lies at the northern edge of the Great Downs, which is the Kent equivalent of Surrey's North Downs.

Renting In Tunbridge Wells

Downtown Fish Bar on Little Mount Sion is loved by locals and tourists alike. As the name suggests, it’s located right in the heart of Tunbridge Wells. It also serves a variety of other cuisines from Chicken Cutlet with Chips (12. 95) to Tandoori Salmon (14. 95) to Spaghetti Bolognaise (11. 95). If you are vegetarian, they also serve Grilled Halloumi on Quinoa Salad (11. 50) or Grilled Halloumi with Potato Wedges (12. 50). They also serve a range of specials upon which their menu changes daily.

Tunbridge Wells is a place for all tastes and ages. There’s no wonder why people enjoy spending their time here: if you want to shop till you drop, then head on down to the Fair Trade Market; if your stomach is starting to rumble, check out the great range of restaurants serving food as diverse as Italian, Japanese and Caribbean –ish; or take in a show at one of the local theatres, for example The Marches and The Pavilion.

It may be that you’re renting in Tunbridge Wells because you haven’t found the right property yet. This is often the case for many people. They will stay longer than they thought while searching for the property of their dreams. It can even take months to find a home. And once you do, the paperwork required to move in is long and tedious (as it should be). Tunbridge Wells is an extremely popular place to live and nearly always has a high demand for rented properties.

Studies by the Landmark property lending suggest that although the north of England is considered to be the most desirable place to live, Tunbridge Wells was more popular than many, including Liverpool and Manchester. It’s often not the expensive places that have the best food, but rather the one with the best Yelp reviews. Downtown Fish Bar was no exception to this rule. Who cares about having the best view in town when you can feast on fresh fish and chips?.

Best Fish And Chips

The best fish and chips in Dublin is a hot topic among foodies. When travelling through Ireland the first question a lot of tourists ask is where is the best place for fish and chips. In recent years there have been an influx of restaurants in Ireland offering great Fish and Chip options available all year round. I've often heard the question, "What is the best fish and chips in Singapore?" I wouldn't say that there is a definitive answer to this – everyone's got an opinion and everyone's view may be swayed by personal preferences.

Personally, I am a fan of fish and chips that is made with soggy batter. Fish and Chips is an English food and is available world over, and the recipes for it are quite similar. It is often served with french fries and coleslaw. Downtown Fish Bar on Little Mount Sion is loved by locals and tourists alike, especially because of the excellent food they offer. I first visited Little Mount Sion when I was 20 and have been very impressed with the place.

It’s hard to believe this city was once occupied by terrorists who declared war on Britain. They fought government forces for nearly 30 years before they were finally removed in 2000. Downtown Fish Bar on Little Mount Sion is a restaurant I've visited many times. The Fish and Chips are amazing. They're served with two sides, pickles and tartar sauce. Downtown Fish Bar, on Little Mount Sion, is loved by locals and tourists alike.


Looking for something to do in the evening? The Odeon cinema complex is just a quarter of a mile away and here you’ll find the latest blockbusters, some independent releases, and classics. We also have a bowling Alley (Express Bowl) which hosts regular league nights, as well as a modern and well-maintained Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym. At the southern edge of Bracknell, along the A322 to Reading, Knights Park has dominated the landscape for several years now.

During its future development phase, it is expected to feature shops, restaurants, apartments and a cinema complex. Whether you’re planning on visiting now or later in its life-time, here’s your essential guide. Local entertainment is just a 10-minute walk away, with the cinema showing films at Waterstones or Odeon. Knights Park itself also has a bowling alley and 24-hour gym which can both be used when staying at The Lawns. There’s not much else to do in this area, but that’s the beauty of it! It makes your home feel extra special.

Opposite Knights Park, you will find Spencers Wood Leisure Centre and the Odeon Cinema. There are also many places to shop locally as Bromsgrove town centre is just a few minutes’ drive away. The Forum cinema, bowling alley, gym, restaurants and bars, a UK bowling chain with 40 outlets across the country, are all set to open at Knights Park in 2017 after £3m refurbishment. If you are looking for a way to relax then pop in to Knights Park to take advantage of the Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym, bowling alley or our Odeon cinema.

Local Supermarkets

Nightingale Valley Road is one of those roads at the end of the high street which is home to Waitrose, Tesco Express, Asda and Sainsburys. So if you are in the area and in need of food then you’re spoilt for choice. I find this interesting because when walking down the high street it can be hard to see where one supermarket ends and another begins. When it comes to the weekly shop in Tunbridge Wells, you’re spoilt for choice.

There is a Waitrose, a Tesco, an Asda and a Sainsbury’s all fighting for your business. And then there are the smaller supermarkets including Co-Op, Lidl, Budgens and Iceland. In total there are 19 different places to buy your weekly groceries from. The big four supermarkets offer the same products across different locations. The smaller stores and markets are great for picking up freshly made breads. However, if you’re planning a last minute trip to Waitrose this weekend, you might be halfway through your weekly shop by the time you arrive at your local supermarket.

An analysis of the best supermarkets in Tunbridge Wells has revealed that Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda are the big players. Thousands of shoppers have taken to review website TripAdvisor to nominate their favourite supermarket in the town for a prestigious award. It doesn't matter whether you want Waitrose's 18-year-old Talisker, or Tesco's Finest chocolate meringues, or anything in between. In Tunbridge Wells, your weekly shop can be as plebian or as luxurious as you please.

Famous Residents

Brixton isnt just famous for the aforementioned Sid Vicious, but also for its rich history (and food!). Lambeth used to be an area of farmland, while Brixton had the reputation of being a dangerous place to be walking or driving around. Just north of the railway line that separates Brixton and Lambeth was Camberwell, which was known for its notorious slums and poverty-ridden streets. The south side of the railway line marked some wealth and it was here that builders first started to construct large houses in the 1850s for wealthier families looking to move away from the polluted areas downtown.

Its a vibrant town with a rich history. The streets are lined with colourful, quirky buildings and theres lots of places to eat out, drink, shop and have fun. It has an excellent choice of sports facilities from swimming to bowling and ice skating. And just one road from Chatham is Rochester – one of the Medway Towns famous for its history and vast array of shops, cafes and restaurants. It really is the perfect place to live if you want everything on your doorstep.

The South East of England is such an eclectic mix of cultures which means it has a wide range of residents with a wide range of tastes, and it has something for everyone. Richmond is home to some of the biggest football teams in the world (Chelsea and Manchester City), musical giants (Coldplay and Iron Maiden) and writers (Charles Dickens to name but one). So where else would you want to live?. The town of Hastings is home to many interesting characters who have heavily influenced British culture over the years.

The likes of Sid Vicious from The Sex Pistols and Jo Brand have lived and worked in the area. Whats more, BBC South Easts headquarters are in the town centre, so keep an eye out for various celebrities going about their business. I cannot deny that, with the exception of Jo Brand (who is actually from Penge – a much nicer part of South East London), these people haven’t really lived in Burgess Hill, they just visited and then made up stories about it.

But that hasn’t stopped Burgess Hill’s tourist board from capitalising on this. Find out more about the most famous residents of Chislehurst and learn about key historical events that have taken place on the manor. My local supermarket Tesco in Tunbridge Wells. Very good variety of fresh food, also meat, fish and everything you need for making delicious home-cooked meals. Prices are not bad and matches Waitrose. The down-to-earth value for money menu certainly contributes to repeated trade.

What You May Not Know About Tunbridge Wells

Way back in 1856 a group of people set about running a railway through the town. In February 2014, a group of people set about running a railway station and platform through the town. More than 1. 2 million passengers pass through Tunbridge Wells every year, and many stay for far longer than they ever expected – they get stuck here because of all that is available in such close proximity to one another. And, with the arrival of some exceptional new shops, bars and places to eat along with the restoration of architectural gems such as the former Midland Railway Arts Centre and Argus buildings on Mount Ephraim, this unique little town is more vibrant than ever before.

In a venue steeped in history and public drinking it’s often the building itself that attracts national attention. Tunbridge Wells Opera House & ballroom is a perfect example of this. Built in 1871, this Italianate building situated on the High Street in the town centre has hosted many famous names since it was built, from the likes of Charlie Chaplin who performed there in his early days to the late and great Tom Jones. Tunbridge Wells, a World Heritage Site and Borough in the heart of Kent, may have been built over 2 millennia ago but it has one of the largest populations within its borders and hundreds of years after its creation, there are still many things that you may not know about this most quintessential English town.

I love Tunbridge Wells. I’ve lived here all my life apart from a couple of years in West Sussex. It isn’t great for night life, the air quality could be better and there’s not much money about. But that’s why it’s so great. It has an amazing centre with a castle, beautiful buildings, stunning views and parks. What you may not know: Tunbridge Wells was a place of pilgrimage for 500 years, thanks to a well dedicated to St Valentine.