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What Is It Like To Live In Tunbridge Wells

What Is It Like To Live In Tunbridge Wells

Transport Links

Tunbridge Wells has excellent transport links. The centre of town is served by The Pantiles, one of Kent's busiest and most prestigious shopping destinations. Accessible now from Hurst Road and Snells Avenue, it is easily linked to the M25 via Junction 9 at Five Oaks or Junction 8 at Pembury. The town has three railway stations on three different train lines, providing convenient access for commuters as well as visitors. And with connections from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria taking just 41 minutes, Tunbridge Wells really can be a comfy stopover on any long-haul flight.

The town of Tunbridge Wells is smaller than the major cities in the UK like London and Manchester but there are still plenty of transport links to be found along main trails, roads and railways, Tunbridge Wells Life ( It’s really handy when you’re trying to get around and also keep safe by getting to where you need to be by following these tips. I live in Tunbridge Wells which is a small town based in the county of Kent.


Primary schools in the Tunbridge Wells area include George Allen, Holmewood, Holy Trinity, Jacomb Primary School and St Dunstan's. Secondary school options range from single-sex, such as Bourne Valley Grammar School for Girls and the Durrington School to co-ed schools including Townway Comprehensive and Tunbridge Wells Independent Grammar School for Girls. In terms of SEN (Special Educational Needs) provision, institutions include Old Court School for Boys and Westgate Manor. School places are granted on a local basis and the majority of schools in Tunbridge Wells are for children aged between 4 and 11.

There are two main types of primary school in the district: community schools, where admission is based on residence; and voluntary controlled schools, where a religious body has established the school and whom have their own admissions criteria. Tunbridge Wells has a reputation as being a very affluent place to live and work, due in part to its close proximity to London. The mix of schools reflects the demographics of the area and although the schools are generally toward the top end of the academic pecking order, they are not without their problems.

Every parent wants the best for their child’s education, and ICT is playing a more important role than ever before in the classroom. The right tool can make a huge difference to your child’s enjoyment and ability to learn – with the increasingly digital world. Schools in the area include The Hugh Myddleton School, Durnford Primary School, the St Nicholas Church of England Primary Academy and Cranmore Preparatory School, which is also considered one of the most impressive and elite schools in the area.

Leisure & Amenities

Celebrating the rich heritage of both the town and it’s famous resident, P G Wodehouse, Royal Tunbridge Wells Museum is housed in 16 Pembroke Cottages situated in a beautiful garden square on the Pantiles. Catesby Turner, a painter who spent much of his childhood in Tunbridge Wells sketched the houses 200 years ago, making them familiar to many visitors. The Museum tells the story of this famous writer and all things connected to him: his recreation ground games, his house in New York where the characters Jeeves & Wooster met for the first time, friends such as Sir Alec Guiness and Ethel M Dell (the author whose books were adapted by Wodehouse into musical comed.

For those of you who haven’t visited this picturesque town situated in an elegant valley, it is a great escape. Royal Tunbridge Wells itself is home to over 120 fashion outlets and 40 restaurants. There are plenty of cafes bars and pubs to visit (I highly recommend the Pantiles Hotel) whilst taking in the stunning surroundings – definitely a place to visit on your next adventure. The Pantiles an open promenade of cast-iron Victorian shop fronts that is now protected as a conservation area.

Once lined with artists'studios and bookshops, today this pedestrian plaza is filled with bustling cafes and restaurants. Numerous street performers also perform in the square to entertain the crowds, notably jugglers, unicyclists, buskers, and stilt walkers. With a strong retail trade, there’s a wide choice of shops in Tunbridge Wells. The High Street and Royal Victoria Place offer the fullest range of shopping for every taste and pocket. The Pantiles is known throughout the country for its vintage, specialist and retro shops.

Royal Victoria Place: Royal Victoria Place offers a superb range of independent shops and businesses, as well as high street names such as Topshop, Marks & Spencer and Boots. '. In fact, there are so many schools here that an online directory listings website has been created for us all. I find it to be an easy to reach town as there are lots of transport links in and out. The town benefits from both road and rail links, with bus services too.

Whats On?

Whats on? With a rich cultural history and a host of hidden gems, Royal Tunbridge Wells also plays host to a number of fun-filled events throughout the year. There’s never a dull moment in Royal Tunbridge Wells with ‘Tunbridgeway Days’ – three days of street theatre, music concerts, craft markets, guided walks, dance workshops and more for all members of the family. Or keep it local and support your community at the Tunbridge Wells Carnival & Funfair at Pembury on July 14th.

When to visit Royal Tunbridge Wells Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent offers a range of hotels and resorts as well as self catering cottages. Royal Tunbridge Wells is a perfect base to explore myriad sights, festivals and restaurants. To enjoy unspoiled countryside you can take a trip out to the surrounding Kent area including the World Heritage Site at Stonehenge. There are many different events that take place in Royal Tunbridge Wells, more than you might think.

As one of the country’s most popular towns in which to live – according to the Sunday Times and National Statistics – here is a full list of what’s on in Royal Tunbridge Wells this year. Royal Tunbridge Wells is a thriving tourist destination, having the kind of many-splendoured character that might be expected to appear in a novel by Jane Austen. The town’s rich cultural history makes  it an ideal location for a number of amusing fetes and fascinating festivals.

Crime And Safety

Crime and Safety is a fact-based blog where readers learn about the safety records of different neighborhoods around town. This information may influence real estate decisions by informing potential buyers or renters of neighborhood crime statistics. This blog discusses the most important topic to the residents of Tunbridge Wells, giving them a voice in an otherwise very dry subject. Crime and safety. This issue of crime and safety has caused over 300 comments to be posted on the local newspaper website with further comments on social media sites.

These issues are regularly brought up at meetings, both at the Town Hall and Council-run community meetings held throughout the year, and in people’s questions to us when we go out into the district. When you've moved to a new town, it is important to make sure you feel safe. Living in Tunbridge Wells can give you peace of mind with its regular patrols and neighbourhood watch schemes. By using the links provided below you can get to know more about local crime and safety issues.

Tunbridge Wells is a small town in the county of Kent. It is the administrative center of Tunbridge Wells Borough and lies east of Royal Tunbridge Wells. According to recent statistics, it is one of the safest places to live in the country. Tunbridge Wells, which is the home of the late novelist Jane Austen, is a historic town with a lot to offer in terms of history and sightseeing. But it's also one of the safest towns in the country for residents and tourists alike to visit.

Thinking Of Moving To Tunbridge Wells?

Tunbridge Wells is a fairly large town in the south-eastern part of England, and lies approximately 15 miles west of London. It’s easy to reach by road, or rail and has good access links to other towns in the surrounding area due to it’s location in Kent on the border with East Sussex. For those of you who are not familiar with this part of the country, Tunbridge Wells is located around 80 miles outside of London; but don’t let that put you off if you are moving to the area.

Traffic is light once you get past London and you should be familiar with driving on the left in no time. Thinking of moving to Tunbridge Wells? The Kent town is situated in the county of East Sussex and home to over 14,000 residents and surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside. To help you find your perfect home on your million pound budget we have put together a comprehensive guide to properties for sale in Tunbridge Wells along with information on essential services that may be available to you when you move.

If you like the look of this area, you can read more about property prices and key information for the town on The Agent Guide. This is a useful free information resource designed to help people thinking about making Tunbridge Wells their home, while also providing those already here with information on how to make their house a haven and helping them to get the most out of their property. Thinking of moving to Tunbridge Wells? We recently renovated one of our own homes and moved into a new area.

As part of the process, we decided to read through literally hundreds of article to gather all the information possible on what to do and not do when moving, house prices, and more. We’ve gathered the information together here, and I hope it helps when your planning your move. So you’re thinking of moving to Tunbridge Wells? Fantastic. This town is a thriving hub of culture, commerce and well-kept gardens, and also home to a variety of celebrity residents (such as Jay Leno, John Cleese, and many members of the band The Cure ).

Take a look at this guide to help you figure out if Tunbridge Wells is the right place for you. Hi, I'm Tim and I run an award winning estate agency in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Here you will find a guide to property prices and the latest news from the property sector. Crime and safety have always been a heavy burden on the shoulders of residents. The crime rate is among the safest in the entire country; however, there is some drug-related activity in the city limits.