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Tunbrigde Wells Local Bar Guide

Tunbrigde Wells Local Bar Guide

Sankeys Public House

I will start with the beer. It started pouring after a short wait and was served in a nice pint glass. I asked about their selection and was told that Sankeys has (get ready for this) 24 beers on tap. That is 24. There is a lot of variation in the type of beers served, but there are at least 5-7 different selections that are always available. Breweries such as New Belgium, Sierra Nevada, and mecca-of-beer: Stone Brewing Company all have selections here.

Sankeys Public House is “a cool Caribbean vibe bar with original cocktails and bar food, Tunbridge Wells Life ( ” The best way to describe it would be to view the interior photo above and say, “yeah, that looks about right. ” Unlike at Loie, everything is outdoors here—from the bathrooms to the dining area. The only indoor seating is at the bar. Unlike on our previous visit, there are plenty of open tables today. Sankeys Public House is a small, casual hipster hangout located just a few steps away from the Roost.

To get to Sankeys from the Roost you can either take the decked out alleyway or some stairs that lead you directly into Sankeys. There are picnic tables out front with umbrellas and small lanterns strung up to provide adequate lighting at night (which I may have been concerned with). What makes Sankeys Public House so different is that it’s a restaurant / bar / nightclub combo. So when you go for dinner, you can carry drinks with you from the bar area and continue to enjoy your alcoholic drink while you eat your food.

After dinner, there’s a dance floor so you can let loose and dance the night away, even if your dancing skills aren’t up to par. The gist at Sankeys is simple: they know exactly what they are and they deliver. Just like the Pig & Whistle, Sankeys is decorated with intent, but whereas the P&W looked like someone had just finished a paintball course in there, Sankeys has opted to go for theme, with its giant snakeskin bar, taxidermied animals and dark wood.

One of the easiest things to do in another city, or country when you aren’t familiar with the area is to go out and get hammered. That is exactly what we did when we found Sankeys Public House, a pub just off of U. S. 1. Royal Tunbridge Wells has a social grade of "AB" and an occupation of "into managerial/administrative and professional jobs". This means that the largest statistical group in the area is the mid-high income bracket.

The Guinea

The Guinea’ has been in existence since 1897 and is now under the influence of the new team. The pub has undergone a lot of changes since then. The one thing that will not change is its popularity with the locals, but it has been known to be frequented by regular passers-by and tourists too. After a summer of hype, The Guinea will soon be open. To celebrate The Guinea’s September opening, I was lucky enough to have a Twiburger with Darren Somerton.

He’s the ex-Society Café manager who just took over from the “Human Statue Guy” as one of Liverpool One’s key characters.  …. The Hootenanny is back, and this time it'll be at The Guinea, a 200-capacity venue on Westgate Road. Bands are already being confirmed and I would love to see some of you there. Tuesday nights at the pub are now the place to be to watch good music, and it's really cheap, too.

It’s been almost 3 months since we sadly saw the shutter come down on The Guinea Butt as we know it, and for much of that time I’ve been wondering about the future of the pub. Would it be sold to developers? Reopened after a few months? Torn down completely?. The Guinea is a very popular venue and has been known to sell out. A pub which holds live music, open mic nights, comedy nights and serves food.

Wetherspoons Opera House

Wetherspoons. It's cheap food and drink from a chain of British pubs that bought you the Whitbread Beer Festival and the UK Beard growing competition. I know, I hear you asking "What could be happening in Wetherspoons London?". Nothing? Good news, because there'll be plenty of spontaneous singing at the latest addition to their collection; The Spoons Opera House in Holborn (just off Kingsway). We have previously explored some of the finest pubs in London, like The Old Fox, The Princess Louise, The Admiral Duncan and The Champion Porter.

However these are not the only beacons of drink that illuminate this beautiful city. Our quest to find the best pubs has thus led us to the Wetherspoons Opera House, named after the opera house that once stood above it. When I moved to London from the US a few years ago, one of the first things I did was head out to my very first Wetherspoons pub, The Gate in Kentish Town. There is something about these friendly pubs with affordable prices that just grab you.

Since then I've been on a quest to visit every Wetherspoons in central London. Her majesty’s theatre, now a sweat soaked temple to billiards, booze and poor decisions. Before it became this, it was a fine Victorian building considered one of the best theatres in the country. Now, it is transformed into the Wetherspoons Opera House, one of the largest pubs in Bristol. On a recent trip to London I was treated to one of the finest Wetherspoons I have had the pleasure of visiting.

The Wetherspoons Opera House is just over the river from Covent Garden, and offers arguably one of the most impressive interiors in the entire Wetherspoons chain. If you’re looking for a reasonably cheap pub with outstanding interior design then the Wetherspoons Opera House is the place to go to. A more welcoming couple you cannot find they are as friendly as can be. '. 6%). Smaller shops too exist on this retail park.

The Barn

The Barn is located at the base of a hill, adjacent to the side of a large mountain. In this barn live horses such as Forstall (author of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS), who was promoted from senior vice president of iOS software to senior vice president for iPhone Software (and later to Chief Design Officer) on October 29, 2012. And there were horses like Robert Mansfield, who joined Apple in its hardware division and oversaw the creation of both the iPod and Apple TV.

Okay, The Barn might not be the most exciting of titles for a blog post — but it's a useful one. So, let me give you The Barn 101. As you’re likely aware, your rankings will slowly decrease over time — forever. Remember: Your site will continue to rank well for months and years after you stop writing new content. So, this means having old content on your site is actually good! It’s free to leave up old content, so why not?.

The barn is all about storytelling, and it’s the focus of the ad. But is there a back story to this barn? There must be, because it’s missing half its roof, with straw exposed. Shouldn’t this barn be covered in snow? The story in our minds wouldn’t be complete without it. This is what “The Barn” is all about helping tell stories with your message using videos and pictures. Easily the most original sounding method for opening a blog post, The Barn is just that.

A barn. Or maybe it's a house. Or maybe there is no building, and “The Barn” is more of an area of land by a road. There are numerous interpretations of what this place represents and how it will help you craft your perfect blog intro. The Barn is the local man’s watering hole / tavern. There’s no food here; people just drink. It’s dark, it smells of cigarette smoke, and usually there is karaoke happening which can be put on by the owner or patrons.

The Bedford

The Bedford, so named because that's the road it's on, is on the left-hand side of the Pantiles (see photo). Right opposite is The Kenny. Having just written all that you will have gathered I'm a regular at this place. It's not as flash as Victorian House, and lacks Beak Street's draft selection, but what it does offer is an atmosphere befitting a quintessential English pub and friendly staff who wouldn't normally bat an eyelid should you bring your dog inside.

The Bedford is a pub and music venue facing the historic Pantiles area of Tunbridge Wells. The bar, situated on the corner of the Pantiles and Castle Road, is split into two floors with live music taking place throughout the week. Thursdays are mainly reserved for indie, rock and acoustic acts, while bigger names are booked in on Saturdays. Sundays sees another more laid back session featuring jazz, ska and funk DJs from 10pm right up until close to 2am.

Every Thursday and Friday you can be guaranteed to find some great live music being played at The Bedford. They have a reputation for bringing some fantastic bands through their doors. On top of that, they serve up a wide range of bottled and draft beers making it an ideal place to enjoy a beer, some great music and soak up the relaxed atmosphere. The Bedford is the first pub in Tunbridge Wells that I’d consider to be on the main drag and a place for a cheeky drink after work on a Friday.

Traditional draught lagers, craft ales and ciders are well served by their excellent range of pump clips and even more extensive bottled selection, which can be enjoyed in cosy surroundings. Dating back to the mid 19th century, The Bedford is a pub steeped in history. Situated in Camden Passage, this fine establishment is owned by Star Pubs & Bars who have done a fantastic job of maintaining its original style and charm. This pub was named after the Duke of Bedford who owned a great deal of land in the area.

The Duke Of York

The Duke of York is a tucked away pub that, despite its location, still remains relatively unknown. However, it has the added benefit of being located in the Pantiles which is a beautiful place to hang out no matter what time of year or what the weather is like. This means that you could feasibly visit this lovely pub in all seasons (although I would be cautious in extreme heat. ) and never get bored.

Added bonus? You can just pop into the Pantiles itself and look at the cute shops/restaurants/etc. The Duke of York is a pub which dates back to the 1800s and still retains its original features. It sits in the heart of Silver Street Market, which is also home to many other craft shops, restaurants, tea rooms and artisan boutique shops. The Pantiles is located at 149-151 Silver St, Folkestone . Upon entering The Duke of York, you are greeted with low lighting and decor such as wooden tables, wall cabinets and a long bar along the right side wall.

There’s always been a pub in the heart of the Pantiles. The Duke of York is no exception to this rule of thumb, but it is probably worth pointing out that it holds a pretty privileged position for it being only 5 minutes walk from some of the renowned restaurants and shops in the area, and that any guests staying in the area would probably be well advised to pop into for a mid-afternoon pint before heading off again to finish their shopping.

I’m not sure what it is that makes a place “perfectly placed. ” It may be a little arbitrary, but as you know, for most writers, the first site they choose on any given tour is the most important because it sets the scene for all their other writing. In this case, though, The Duke of York has nothing to do with my story. That said, I still thought I should give it a nod.

I won’t let my story take away from its well-deserved fame. The Duke of York’s, or the DY as it’s known, is one of seven pubs that make up The Pantiles. The main building was built sometime around 1810 but the whole complex itself has been through many changes over the years. However, the most significant was in the late 19th century when a large glass conservatory or Winter Garden was added which perfectly complements the rest of the pantiles buildings right by Eastbourne Pier.

I have promised not to attempt a history lesson on the Duke of York which is situated on the corner of the old Pantiles. This is owing to my inability to recall anything other than the origins of the pub name and that it has a cosy, snuggery feel. The Bedford has been a welcome addition to the locality since its revival last year. Renovations in November gave added stability and charm, and although some may argue that it is not a traditional pub, I am happy to say this statement doesn’t hold any ground.